Brett Wheeler of Wheelers MTB had been with his wife in hospital all morning meaning he had to rush to get to the top of the race. Watch as he rushes to the start line, gets in the wrong starting row with literally seconds to spare!
Not what you’d want before a chaotic mass start race!!!

“Avalanche 2017. Grab a brew and relax it’s a long one. Being number 8 i was suppose to be in the front row. But after spending all morning in the hospital with my wife i arrived at the start with 10 seconds to spare. In the confussion and all that happened i actually started myself on the 2nd row in the rockiest part of the start straight, which set me back even further. i did my best and pushed on and finished 10th of 480. no practice today and no food ment for a red line on most of the track. so fun though. Press HD and enjoy the carnage. The Olfi capturing the goods”.Brett Wheeler

mass start

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