Urban freeride on the mini mountain bike!! I hit stair sets, big gaps and jumps in a quest to find out what this mini MTB is capable of out in the streets! But can it handle it?

I decided to dust the cobwebs off this mini Haibike mountain bike and take it out onto the streets for the first time in its life. I start things off with the simple stair ride but then things quickly ramp up and become extra exciting with technical BMX style tricks and even huge gaps with the MTB hopper KICKER RAMP! We filmed most of this in chelmsford and although Tom Cardy is injured he was able to join us and show me around some of the cool spots his town has to offer. Unfortunately the rain came at the end so the video gets finished in my hometown on some very familiar riding spots. This tiny 20″ bike is actually a lot more capable than I ever imagined so I feel it will be seeing some more urban MTB freeride action in its life! Do you want to see more of this beast?