Watch – The more bikes you have the happier you are

On the one hand there are many totally specialized riders out there nowadays and on the other hand there are some, who can ride different bikes at an impressively high level.

Slavik Hannes (former UCI 4x Worlds Silver Medalist, Austrian BMX Champion and National Team Coach) loves to ride each and every of his different bikes equally, enjoying different places and the specific advantages every bike has. There’s no doupt that his riding style is typically race influenced, mainly because he started racing BMX very early, but after 13 years of riding MTB he can ride different bikes from 20“ up to the big Enduro and DH ones with top skills.

He is still doing gates and sprint sessions on the BMX but is also training a lot on his Ghost Enduro to enhance his MTB skills in rough terrains. Putting those aspects together on the 4x bike they make him become one of the best and powerful 4x riders out there from the Pro Tour members, also always being a contender for a podium at the Worlds.

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