The bicycle industry is almost entirely comprised of enthusiasts and dreamers, but the crew at the San Luis Obispo development facility takes it to a level of intensity that is simply a notch higher.

The SLO team operates as a true competitive family—the kind in which you refuse to be one-upped by your sibling, but where you become the world’s loudest cheerleader when your sibling wins. This competitive family dynamic is abundantly evident in the SLO group’s newest creation, DUB. This is a product that you don’t see or hear. It’s a product whose measure of success is when you’re not thinking about it. And yet the development team’s excitement for this new product is motivating, even contagious.

Tasked with creating a lighter crankset, the engineers here could have easily phoned it in—checked the spreadsheet boxes, so to speak. But this is a group of individuals that attacks Movember as if it were the Mountain Bike World Championships, so ‘just checking the box’ doesn’t really fall into the vernacular. They didn’t want any checked-box product on their bikes, so they made something better. DUB, as they called it, is a simple solution to an often-tedious problem.

DUB is a bottom bracket spindle and bearing design that allows lighter cranksets. DUB allows better bearing seals for better performance over the long term. DUB allows SRAM’s test engineers to perform more focused sets of tests. DUB is forward and backward compatible. DUB makes your life, as a bottom bracket user, easier.

DUB is one more simple solution dreamed up, designed, developed, tested, ridden and loved by a dedicated group of people in San Luis Obispo who live to make better parts for the bicycles they ride.