This is the mountain bike quad and I find out what it is capable of, from urban downhill, wheelies, skatepark and drifts! Is this the craziest bike ever?

I was messaged on instagram and asked if i’d like to have this insane bike, lee from reverse the cycle had seen my love of the extreme MTB tricycle and thought I might enjoy this and he was right, But is it better than the tricycle?

I made my way around my hometown of Colchester finding different riding spots that I could test this bike to the limits on and I had the best time ever as you will see. I couldn’t believe the stuff this bike can do, I tried some urban downhill by riding down stairs, It was great for wheelies and most importantly it is the ultimate drift machine. I literally couldn’t get enough of drifting and I am sure it could handle more! Let me know what you want me to do on this thing next!

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