There are not many of active volcanoes in Europe. We know them from movies, books or just from the internet. Until I stood at the edge of an active crater, i just simply couldn’t imagine the power, which is somewhere deep under.

This mission couldn’t happed without a bike and a camera. The feeling when you are walking up the crater and feeling kind of little rumble and you know something is happening deep in your body. Everything around is kinda shaking. When you just look over the edge and you see something what you couldn’t even imagine. That is what I had a chance to experience few weeks ago in Indonesia.

After I finished the race in Klemuk, city of Batu – Java Indonesia (finals of Indonesian Downhill Cup 2017) I realized to do a mission to a nearby active volcano – Mount Bromo. Local guys, my second family from Spartan Racing team gave it a green light and everyone was really excited. We had to start the trip around midnight so we can climb up to an opposite mountain, than walk back down and move to the crater of Bromo for some riding.

The views were just breathtaking and that is all I would like to say actually. Check out the video, which I managed to edit from the whole day of adventure. It was a long day which I will probably never going to forget. It wasn’t just one experience, it was whole day packed of a high intensity adventure. The biggest challenge was deffinitely to ride down that crater ridge. Maybe it will not look like that from the video, but I’m still having goosebumps when I see the footage now. Great mission, all good and I hope you liked it as well. If you like it, please support me by following my YouTube channel for more action.

Special thanks to my friends at Spartan Racing Team and mas Arief. Pictures and some footage: Mr. Ripan and Mr. Afwan.

Main footage and edit: Matej Charvat


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