A Traildog movie about Oli Dorn and his faithful friend Balu. Filmed and produced by Say Mahalo.

PAWS & WHEELS shows how much fun you can have not only on two wheels but also on 4 paws while surfing the trails. Unique shots, emotions and a whole lot of fun are waiting for you. Therefore “Start filming”.

Anyone who knows Oli Dorn personally, probably only knows him as being in the company of his dog Balu. The Australian Shepherd follows him all over the place and has been present at every activity since he was a puppy. Being a herding dog, there is nothing worse than being left home alone, which is why Oli decided to train Balu into being a trail dog. Ever since it has been a vision of his to make a trail dog video. In 2018 he finally managed to take this vision, together with Susanna Kosa of Say Mahalo, and make it a reality. In making this wonderful movie, Susanna succeeded to portray the friendship between the two, making it a masterpiece.

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