Last weekend saw the first round of the 2017/18 Onza Tyres Mini Downhill, back at the iconic venue, The Forest Of Dean. It’s that time of year where we get our first glimpse of new rippers on the scene and riders moving categories. The track that would be used is Ski Run with an interesting and challenging top section.

We saw 32 females this weekend with all four categories having a decent amount of competition, meaning we saw some great racing. This is great news for the female UK riding scene and will hopefully encourage more to get involved at the next round!

In addition to the number of females, we saw a record number of ‘Rippers’ at the weekend…37 to be precise! I wonder if we will see a number of top riders in the near future from this group of young guns.

The track was ‘flat-out’ top to bottom with some interesting features to test all abilities. The top was quite natural and rooty before snaking through the trees into the bike park aspect of the course.

The top section saw the most ‘hold on and hope’ moments, with slippery roots and an off camber turn…It made for some great spectator viewing before your race runs!

All the Mini Downhill race runs are live streamed on Facebook in the best areas of the track! Watch your mates or just enjoy the action!

The next Mini Downhill is in 2018, remember to clear your schedule on January 28th and book on for some more downhill action!

Results: here.

Video and Words: Behind the Tape Productions

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