Horses and bikes are generally best kept as far apart as possible but Danny MacAskill’s newest video sees him go head-to-head with one at Lindores Farm in Fife, Scotland.

Danny first visited Lindores for his hay bale hill roll stunt in Wee Day Out but this time he was back to take on local eventer Louisa Milne Home riding the horse Future Plans. The pair ‘race’ down an eventing course that ends with a jump inspired by Danny’s first trip to the farm.

Louisa Milne Home one of Britains top event riders and has been training at Lindores Farm for 30 years, she said, “Lindores is a fantastic place to train and I have been taking young horses to start their careers there since it opened. This was a very different training day to the normal international riders I compete with.”

Danny said, “Clips like this are just entertaining and fun to create, it was a bit off the cuff having never biked over horse jumps or really been around horses, but I love doing new stuff.”

OK, so there’s not much more to this than some bunny hops in a field but it’s always great to watch Danny messing around and, as he struggled all last year with a broken kneecap and started off this year with keyhole surgery, it could be a while before we see a full edit from the Scottish legend. For more in the time-honoured genre of ‘mountain bikers racing things’, check out these videos.

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