This is not a new bike movie nor is it a promotional film featuring a new bike park opening in France.
No, it’s a lot more than that.

bike park

The Evo as we call it, was never just an idea in our heads. The park was born from the sweat off our foreheads, the callouses on our hands, the knots in our backs and above all, the steadfast support of our passionate community.

This bike park is more than a playground for the fanatics of our sport, it is a part of us which has been made to the rhythm of our lives and there have been many moments of joy as well as sorrow. The park has already created great friendships with several instances where riders have come from the four corners of the globe to connect!

With our picks, rakes, and shovels, eventually, our dream came true. Every day in spite of the rain, cold, fatigue, pain, headaches and hangovers, we fought to get it off the ground. We are rewarded. All of the effort and sacrifice that went into building, grain of dirt by grain of dirt… Eventually, we created a second home.

Our movie is a celebration of this project, the reward of our efforts, our dreams coming true!

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