I went to Aston hill bike park to see if the extreme MTB tricycle would survive a real mountain bike DH track with drops and jumps, but I didn’t think it would be this crazy!!

I decided to ride at Aston Hill Bike Park because it is so steep and pretty technically on a normal bike so of course I knew it would be a true test for the tricycle. Unfortunately the trike still only has a front brake which really makes things interesting when it starts getting steep! The trail I rode is called surface to air and it has a lot of different jumps, berms and bumps and was super hard to get down on the tricycle which made it extra fun!

After a few crashes and near misses I made it to the bottom. After being towed back to the top by Lewi Pilgrim and his E-bike I did a GoPro top to bottom run which was amazingly fun, I also found an insane place to do drifts on the tricycle!! This was seriously such and epic day and I can’t wait to get back out on the tricycle soon!!!

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