Welcome to Skidsville. Population: all of us.

Remember that feeling of throwing a leg over a bike for the first time? I mean talk about “Boom!” right? It was like a lightning strike of realization blowing the doors off our childhood. One day we’re walking around with the rest of the mere mortals, the next we’re steely-eyed captains piloting our two-wheeled rocket ships to the outer reaches of the driveway. It was like punching our ticket to ride and stepping into a world that’s bigger, bolder, and a little bloodier.


Directed by: Scotty Carlson & Mike Hopkins
Produced by: Juicy Studios & Mike Hopkins
Filmed by: Scott Secco, David Peacock, and Derek Frankowski
Script by: Sean Smillie
Post Production Sound: Keith White Audio
Narration by: Graham Tracey
Executive Producer: Steve Westover (Diamondback Bikes)
Still Photography: Bruno Long
With help from: Most of Rossland, BC

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