Watch – DH Forks on a Road Bike?

MTB downhill forks on a road bike – Does it shred? I customise this bike in to a crazy DH Road bike and hit some local MTB trails and jumps, but how good is it for riding?

I woke up today and thought that this would be a good idea so I got to work on modifying my road bike into a half downhill bike perfect for mountain bike trails. I also thought i’d leave the original drop bars on to make it a little more exciting and it certainly was!! This ridley road bike was given to me when filming one of the episodes of the Road Bike party video that was made famous by Martyn Ashton and I never thought I’d see the bike like this. The forks I decided to fit were the FOX 40 DH forks and of course they shouldn’t work on a road bike but with a few mods it was possible to make it happen!! Maybe I have just created a new sport, who knows? Do you want to see more with this ridiculous set-up?

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