Velosolutions have brought India’s first asphalt pump track to life. Situated near Hyderabad the WallRide park has helped to encourage the growing local interest in cycling and skateboarding.

Pump tracks around the world have been helping to promote cycling in one of the most accessible forms possible. There is no need for the latest bike tech and they can be used from first time riders to pro’s. 

When the city of Hyderabad in India wanted to support the growing interest in cycling, the WallRide park was conceived in partnership with Velosolutions and the local community has not looked back

The WallRide park consists of the first skate park in the state of Telengana and the first ever asphalt pump track in India. Very few people were even aware of what a pump track was when the project was first conceived but since the park has opened word is spreading fast. The residents of Hyderabad have embraced the opportunity and are discovering the joy of a new sport.

The building process presented many challenges as this was the first construction of its kind in the country. Velosolutions wanted to ensure that that residents of Hyderabad would have a pump track that was as good as any other in the world. The sourcing of the right materials and equipment was harder than usual but working with the team behind the WallRide park, Veloslutions were able to bring the project to life.

The facilities sit on a half an acre of land on the outskirts of Hyperabad city nestled between rocky hills, tree’s and local wildlife.  Providing both opportunities for skateboarding and cycling the WallRide park is offering out rentals to the local community to make the new skate park and pump track as accessible as possible

The hope is that this will not be a stand-alone project and that through working with cities, retailers and communities, Velosolutions can help to support the growth of cycling and the sports in the region.

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