Watch- The DVD Vault – MADE by Callum Swift

DVD- Digital Versatile Disc. They were these things you could buy in a shop, from a person! You could put the disc in your TV and it would play video footage and sound. It was a bit like magic for the 90’s.

You would watch them over and over again. As between DVD’s and magazines they were the only things you could get your riding fix on! I know mad eh?! Can’t just open a smart phone to see what the newest video segment is.
But they were great weren’t they?! I’d watch these riding DVD’s so many times, choosing my favorite section and re-winding to see it again!
Even when driving, me and my mates used to play a game of guess which DVD riding segment this song is from! You really did value mountain bike films back then.

First in our DVD Video Vault is the film MADE by Callum Swift.
The DVD is not for sale, but you can stream the full film by clicking here

Here’s the Teaser Trailer.
This was released in 2009, just as the stronghold of DVD’s was coming to a close. This was a magical film which followed the World Cup Downhill Circuit. As well as showcasing the best in DH segments around the world, Callum’s pop music soundtrack choice and fun filming style made this film immensely popular.

Check out the Specialized dream team of Hill and Fairclough tearing whistler a new one.

Like two peas in a pod, Josh and Steve having a rad time at home.

Part 1 shows us some of the DH boys playing on the MX bikes. Then heading to Scotland for the first World Cup in Fort William.

Part 2 – heads to MSA, for a wild World Cup.

Part 3 Shows the Carnage of the Mega Avalnache.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be bringing you more classics from the DVD Vault this winter.

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