“Following on from the SHAN 26, the SHAN 27, the OKA and the SHAN GT, we bring you our fifth frame, the SHAN N°5. We first outlined this project two years ago, but the developmental pace picked up rapidly at the beginning of 2016.

production privee

Once the design had been confirmed, the fabrication of the first two prototypes was left to our Pyrenean friends at Milc, a small company specialising in prototype production.

production privee

We’ve been intensively (and discreetly) testing the N°5 since May. After 8 months of trail testing, of adjustments, of suspension tests, and general weeding out of any issues, the SHAN N°5 was born.

production privee

As with all our frames in the SHAN range, we’ve created a playful bike with superb versatility, but without sacrificing the comfort and performance a modern full-suspension bike can bring. Throw a steel frame into the mix and you’ve got something very special indeed. The compliance, energy and feel you get from 4130 CrMo tubes is just… magical.

The first pre-series arrives around April time, with the first production set for June. We’ve still got a bit of work to do before then, but we will let you know about some tech, specs and price in March.

As for every of our frames, the paint job take a special place at Production Privee. We will released it in March, but be sure SHAN Nº5 will get the wonderfull inspiration of iconic cars as well…

This video will hopefully allow you to imagine yourselves by our side during the last few months of the project.
As a good news never comes alone, we launch in the same time our brand new website www.production-privee.com

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