Dissent Details

  • Intended Use: Downhill
  • Wheel size: 27.5” or 29” 
  • Travel: 27.5”- 200mm Rear, 200mm Front / 29”- 190mm Rear, 200mm Front
  • Material: Hydroformed 6061 Triple-Butted Aluminium
  • Sizes: 27.5”- S,M,L,XL / 29”- M,L,XL
  • Price: RRP £1999.99 (GBP)
  • Weight: 3.95kgs (w/o shock)

Suspension Design and Frame Details

The new DISSENT platform may look quite similar to the Pulse frame at first glance, but if you dig a little deeper it is actually quite different. There were several main changes we wanted to make:

  • Simplify the design, to drop the weight and increase the front triangle stiffness. 
  • Increase the mid stroke support to make the bike pump better, sit higher in the travel, improve stability in corners and improve the liveliness of the ride.
  • Improve the leverage rate and make the bike more progressive.

Structurally the most obvious change is that the rocker link is now positioned on the outside of the seat tube, rather than tucked inside a clamshell as before. This allows us to drop a fair bit of weight whilst increasing the frame stiffness at the same time. 

The suspension platform also now uses a push rather than a pull link. This helps to reduce the loads and stresses on the frame again helping to further save weight and improve durability. The result of all of this is that the Dissent frame has shed 400g over the Pulse.

The most interesting feature is the least obvious. The main pivot flip chip is designed to essentially work like a bottomless token but for a coil shock. In other words, we have designed 4 main pivot positions, which alter how progressive the suspension is. Cleverly the geometry and travel do not change between positions. Note: The sag difference between each setting is around 1% so you should not need a different spring rate for each unless you are already at the upper or lower end of the scale.