Chris Akrigg is one of the best trials riders in the world. His diverse skill set and ability to ride various bikes, unrestricted by wheel size or discipline, has fueled his career for many years. In his latest film, “From There to Here” Chris gives an exciting and entertaining trip through and glimpse into his life on bikes, starting as a child and up to the present day.

Chris says time played a big role in the project. Coming up on his 40th birthday and having created right at 40 videos thus far, he decided the timing was right to do something a little bit different than what he had in the past. Having had shoulder surgery a couple years ago, while recovering he had time to go through and digitize all of his old footage- hundreds of hours worth. He brought Victor Lucas on board with the project to create the final piece.

Chris added:

“This is not a retirement video. Making videos and riding is not something I want to slow down with. I feel that I’m riding good as ever and I want to keep pressing on.

It’s not a video of what I used to do, it’s just what I’ve done so far. There’s a lot more yet to come.”

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