As the riders kept rolling down after Greenlands obviously impressive run we were just waiting for him to start working down the order as some of the big hitters of Downhill made their way out the start hut. We know that Greenland is an unbelievable talent and a World Champ in the making, he was, after all, one of our stand out riders of the Fort William World Cup. But he is still just a ‘young un’, finding his feet amongst the seasoned pro’s,  World Cup winners and World Champions so hand on heart, we weren’t expecting anything but solid and promising from Greenland.


What we got however was mind blowing. As those same seasoned pro’s and World Cup winners and World Champions crossed the finish line not one of them could break Greenland’s buttock clenched grip on the hot seat. We finally reached a point in the proceedings, the point at which Greenland had bought a new hot seat, side table, reading lamp and a decent book to keep him occupied, where we were fairly convinced that he was actually going to do it. He was going to be crowned the new World Champ. In the end however it didn’t quite materialise, but unbelievably it took a ragingly in-form Danny Hart with three World Cup wins on the trot just behind him and an unwavering confidence to remove Laurie from the Hot Seat. And that was it. Gwin blew up so only one man was able to hold a candle to Laurie Greenlands blistering run. A silver medal and no doubt a ton of confidence going into 2017.

The rest of the field need to step up their game because at least one rider in the current crop of young guns has meteorically stepped up theirs.