At Commencal, we are proud of the work of each of our employees. One of our special company characteristics is having an in-house audiovisual team, the Commencal media team. Their job is to create images that correspond to the spirit that we breathe into every bike. Here is a rather insightful backstage video that explains how to take a photo like JB Liautard.

To get the shot you will need:

– Jérémy Berthier or equivalent
– A Commencal Absolut
– Canon 1D-X mk II
– Canon 16-35mm F / 2.8 L II USM Lens
– Shoot at 26mm – F / 5.6 – ISO 640 -1 / 80s
– WB 6400K
– Make a manual focus
– 4 x yongnuo 568 EXII flashes
– V6 cactus radio transmitters
– 1 x rusty wheelbarrow
– 2 x boards
– 2 x watering cans
– Water
– Fire

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