Exclusive – Kriss Kyle Vs Dubai Plus Exclusive Interview!

Kriss Kyle lands incredible stunts on his BMX across Dubai’s most famous landmarks. Home to the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is renowned for its breathtaking skyline. With stunning buildings, huge water parks and bustling souks, a place like this is the ultimate playground for thrill-seekers.
Who would have thought that it’s also a BMXer’s dreamland? That’s what Kriss Kyle discovered when he had the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the city by bike, and land tricks you’ve never seen before.
Ride.io: How did the idea come together?
Kriss Kyle: When Red Bull and I were discussing a possible video we thought about going to Dubai and recording a normal street video, and I thought fair enough that’ll be brilliant. Then when  we’re in Dubai on a recce and they were showing us all these amazing locations, I wondered how far we could push it and what we could get away with. Next thing you know we’re up on a helipad and they’re asking ‘Do you think you can do anything up here?’ and I was like ‘I don’t know, probably not, but I guess I could jump out of a helicopter and land on the roof’. They all kind of laughed it off thinking that would be amazing if you could actually make that happen. Then two weeks after flying home, I got an email saying, it’s on! So I’ve literally spent a whole year sweating that helicopter jump, thinking what have I gotten myself into, as I’m actually scared of heights, they terrify me! The waterparks have always been a huge dream of mine to actually ride as when I was a kid going down flumes i’d always imagine riding this dry and thinking it would be amazing. So to have that okayed I knew it was growing much bigger than what I initially anticipated.
How scary was it sending it off a helicopter on top of one of the tallest buildings in the world? Was it windy?
Yeah, it was pretty scary! The first day we did the heli testing on the ground was a huge eye-opener for me because I knew the noise would be insane and the downwash would be pretty crazy, but it was like jumping out of a helicopter in a blooming hurricane and a tornado it was so windy!
As we were getting ready to get into the helicopter for the proper jump, the pilot says to me, “Kriss, when we get up there it’s going to be a lot windier. The longer we wait around, the harder it is for me to stabilize the helicopter. Ideally when we pull up and I’m there you wait one second and then you jump. Because I don’t wanna be waiting any longer than that. If you’re not going to jump, I’m just going to turn away.” And so, when I got up there, it was really, really windy, but I was jumping no matter what, I knew I was doing it, even if I was crashing it, I was blooming doing it!

The wind was insane, especially as I hit the second jump, the wind was still blowing me like mad off the heli and just being up there at that height it was mental. We had to do it early in the morning, because any time in the afternoon, it would get stormy or too windy and he just couldn’t do it, so it was too risky.

It’s every riders dream to ride a dried out waterpark slide! That must have been sick?

It’s been a dream of mine to ride a waterpark, especially after seeing a few people breaking into Water Parks and filming it on YouTube. To actually get the permission to go in there, have the water turned off, and be able to recce the flumes was absolutely incredible. The Water Park was my idea as well, when we were flying out there I was saying to Matt (Red Bull Athlete Manager) it would be amazing if we could ride the water parks as Dubai is known for its water parks, like they’re the best ones in the world. It was incredible to be able to bless my tyres on that.

Often the insane stuff you do on a bmx looks way easier on video than what it really is. What was the hardest bit on this shoot?

Hardest bit on this shoot was just the heli jump. Just because it got canceled because of the weather one day as well, so that was really stressful. It meant I had to go back to bed that night and blooming think about it all night, so that was horrible! A lot of stress came with that one, just with wind, waiting on people filming at the right time.

The morning of the jump I wanted to do a couple test jumps in the carpark,  I attempted three jumps and my first jumps went terrible. It was just too windy and I didn’t land them. And then my third jump that I did, I landed it and it went all right, and I was just like, “I’m going, lets just go up for it and just get it done.”

There isn’t anything you haven’t done on a bmx bike, but is there any one trick that’s been in your catalogue that still really, really scares you?

I’m scared of everything I do. I just think of these things and wonder if they’ll work. But the minute I’ve got ideas for projects that absolutely terrify me and things that I really want to do and I can see myself doing it, I’ve just got to so it. I’ve got a book at home full of ideas and ideas for projects that I want to go and do, so hopefully with Red Bull we can just work through them one by one and just tick them off each year.

How does it feel to inspire millions of different people all around the world to get out there and try extreme sports, have you ever considered the positive impact you’ve made on people around the world?

I think it’s amazing, to showcase my skills to millions of people all around the world and the places I’ve been and that. Like I go to Australia and people know you and all that stuff, like, “All right Chris, it was good to see you.” And I’m like, “Oh hey!” Like it’s crazy that you can have that much of an impact on someone halfway around the world, you know what I mean? Kids write letters to me  from schools and stuff, I’ve been out in the schools and done talks and all that. And I’m going back in March to do a talk to my sisters primary school. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do, we’re all made of the same stuff and you can do it, you know. I mean you just need to find something that you’re passionate enough about and then just follow your dreams and keep pushing and pushing.

What’s the next in the pipeline for Kriss Kyle?

Planning more projects and then I’ve got another huge project at the end of this year which will be my biggest one yet and hopefully my new number one video! Basically I just want to push the limits more and more!

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