Check out Llangollen’s Brand Spanking New Track

Brian Mundy and track landowner Martin Sands have collaborated to make something special in Llangollen. Check out the what happened on the first uplift of this new track. Interviews from- Danny Hart, Alex Bond, Emyr Davies, Brian Mundy.

llangollen track
Brian Mundy of Ride Portugal-

“Myself and Martin would like to thank all who took time to help make this happen and the riders for coming.
There were a few aims behind this new track build that I would like to highlight. Firstly Martin Sands is a rare breed of land owner that needs to be supported. Without people like Martin allowing us to use their land to ride, the only other option is bike park, this I feel is not entirely helping the progression of UK racing.
Secondly, I wanted to have a larger UK presence for Ride Portugal. We have had a huge success with European riders wanting to challenge themselves but UK riders have been the minority as our guests. As I’m from the North Wales area it seemed perfect for me to create something at Llan.
Thirdly, I have heard talk of British Downhill being dead. I believe it is not the truth and in fact this weekend has shown an injection of something new is what it needs.

Lastly, the future for myself and MTB.
After the success of Ride Portugal I have decided, with so many of the world’s top riders coming from the UK and having so many great places to ride and events, it’s time we bring our productiveness back home.
Ride Portugal will continue to grow in the winter months. From 2018 I will be concentrating on the UK, beginning with our new holiday company rideUK. We will bring riders in to experience the country’s best venues. To accompany this we will be providing pro rider coaching with top riders like Jack Reading, Alex Bond, Oliver Morris and Charlie Hatton. During these holidays we will give the option of entering UK races and will also kick off with spectating at the Fort William World Cup.
Myself and Martin will continue to work together in future. We would also like to hold a LIMITED number of kids camps in the 2018 summer holidays with the aim of developing future stars of the sport. This will again be assisted buy pro rider coaching and other elements like trail building skills and bike maintenance.”

Find out more about Ride Portugal Holidays here

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