Bluegrass 2010 DH Race Season – video

Bluegrass 2010 DH race season video featuring Sam Blenkinsop, Fabien Cousinié, Shaun O’Connor and Florent Payet…

Bluegrass is a new gravity protection brand under the helmet giants MET.  Through 2010 their kit has been put to the test across the DH World Cup circuit.






Bluegrass Brave Helmet – RRP £125

Bluegrass Grizzly armour and Bobcat pads

Bluegrass Grizzly armour and Bobcat knee pads come with standard padding or in a D30 version for that extra movement.

Bluegrass Grizzly – RRP £99/£149
Bluegrass Bobcat Knee – RRP £55/£90
Bluegrass Bobcat Elbow – RRP £45/£80



Bluegrass products will be available later on this year and are distributed by



First impressions on Bluegrasss?  We want your thoughts on the FORUM.

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