Beyond The Bike – Danny Hart

In this episode of ‘Beyond the Bike’ we catch up with Danny Hart and see what drives him to compete week in and week out and what makes him just so special on a bike.


Danny Hart set the world of downhill alight on the 4th of September 2011, in rain soaked Champery Danny beat the best by 11.699s in a run that has gone more than viral ever since. That run projected the ‘Redcar Rocket’ to superstardom, but it also shifted his focus and everyone wanted to slice of Hart. What runs deep in Danny is racing and bikes, he can turn his hand to anything with wheels. He looks silky smooth on a BMX and rips turns on a moto faster than a lot of racers, but when he slings his leg over a downhill bike that’s when the magic happens and few look more natural. The illusive first World Cup win is by no means beyond him but that one last step on the podium has been out of reach so far. In the fourth episode of Beyond the Bike we find out what goes on behind the door of that camper van and what drives him to race week in, week out.



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