Atherton Diaries Ep 8: back in the saddle, beach life and Lenzerheide World Cup!

Follow Gee over not many days between his first ride on a bike since his hip dislocation to his race run at Lenzerheide – via a track walk that almost proves too much! And in Rachel’s second race post-injury her nerves are also back at full stretch, as her will to win battles with her need to take care. Muddy posts his season’s best result and Kade does more tricks!

In between there’s time for some serious gym time with coach Nick Grantham and some serious chilling as the guys head to the seaside at Aberdovey for some messing about in boats!

6 weeks post dislocation Gee is loving every second of his first ride in the Dyfi – for the first three minutes at least! But his loss of fitness is nothing compared with the agony of trackwalk – 100m in and he’s having to take the first break of “1058 … like an old man sitting on a log”

In other rehab news Rach leads the crew on an expedition across the Aberdovey estuary, there’s boats, SUP, Caio – dog overboard and diving off the pier! Even Dan Atherton is chilling – though Gee suggests he’ll have to put in a night-shift on the shovel to make up for the time out!
Then its onward to Lenzerheide where Kade is spending a lot of time on his back wheel, Muddy is getting impatient, Rach is getting nervous Polish is spotting chances to shave time and Gee is sitting down a lot, don’t miss him in the ice-bin!

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