#The Box

#TheBox can make your race weekends less stressful, more fun and ultimately give you the opportunity to focus on your race run and not prepping your bike.



What is The Box?

#TheBox is a collaboration between Rideitout and Silverline Tools and it’s intention is to make the already stressful enough process of a race weekend far less stressful. The Box is everything you need to make the most of your race weekend. It is a way to make sure Grass Roots and Amateur racers get the support they need at both the BDS and National Champs. Traveling half way across the country to nail one good race run and then suffering a mechanical is pretty devastating if you haven’t got the tools or expertise needed to get yourself rolling again. So, we’ll give you the help, advice and maintenance you need should you have a problem.


What do we offer

We attend all the BDS races during the season and where our calendar permits we will bring the box along to other grass roots DH events. Keep an eye on the site for updates on where we will be

• Professional bike set up advice and racing tips
 – We’ll be able to offer you a whole heap of advice and tips should you need it.

• Seating area
 – We’ll have a full seating area for you to come and relax, have a chat, a laugh or shelter from the inevitable rain.

• Evening barbecues – We’ll have the BBQ lit come Saturday evening for some much needed race fuel – Burgers, Hot Dogs (we are not Dieticians) (sadly we won’t be able to run a BBQ at Fort William)

• Evening movie screenings
 – To get you fired up for race day we’ll get some Downhill or Moto vids on the TV. Come join us for a few beers and some classic entertainment. If you fancy it, we might even pop on something without bikes! (Not at Fort William)

• Phone charge station – Not much fun being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. Need it charging? No Problem, we’ll get it boosted back up for you.

• Area situated in pro pits
 – We’ll be in the Pro Pit so come and be a pro for the day.



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Facebook: @Silverline Tools


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