Team Ride It Out- UKGE Rnd 3 “Sweatiest weekend ever”

Team Ride It Out-Emyr Davies aka -Ems is flying in his first season racing Enduro. Going form strength to strength, toping off last weekend with a best ever result of 6th place in a staked field of elites.

Read on for his words on the weekend-

“Having ridden Afan trail center last in 2010 and only ridden the old school peddaly official trails. As a downhiller, I was a little on the worried side coming into this race! But fair play it was not what I expected.

We were treated to amazing hand-built sections that were mixed in with the old school trail centre. This made for an exiting race as you had to pace yourself on the sprints not to be too hanging for the tech decent at the end. I loved the tech parts not so much the lung busting sprints, but It is enduro!

Team Ride it Out UKGE 3 afan

I’ll be honest after  the 1st big day of practice and qualifying I was spent! Being form a town thats close to the wettest in the UK my body was not used to this heat!! I think this weekend was the most Ive ever sweated!

Race day and it was hot as ever, to make things worse I even forgot my water bottle for stage 3! Thank god the photographers didn’t show the bits in-between the stages, as I was a sweaty mess!

Team Ride it Out UKGE 3 afan

As you can see from my gurning in the photo above, stage 5 was brutal! An old school trail centre start to an uphill sprint, some sick fresh turns then a 500m grassy sprint that led to a huck to flat across the line. Being a downhiller my lungs couldn’t hand the load costing me to lose some time to the boys.

Team Ride it Out UKGE 3 afan

Stage results were as followed-
Qualifying- 8th
Stage 1- 16th
Stage 2- 4th
Stage 3- 5th
Stage 4- 3rd
Stage 5- 9th

Overall- 6th Place

I was really stoked  happy with 6th place. It was just annoying as a crash on stage 1 took out my chances of a top 5. But I feel like I’m slowly getting used to this enduro. It’s a different style of riding, and more about flow and planning than all out speed.

Next stop for me is to hook up with the rest of the team in World Cup Val Di Sole & Andorra. Better get back on the big rig next week to up the speed!”

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