#RideItOut at Fort William – BDS #2

Heading up to Fort William can sometimes be a right old haul, but with the team in the van and no time restraints it made for a good road trip up into the highlands


This was the first time our team had been together at one event this year, with fresh kit and our banging new graphics kit from Spiral Graphics our Orange 324’s where transformed into moto looking machines.


The weather. After last years fiasco its just couldn’t have been better. Visiting Fort William hitting dusty trails and gaining a tan, that’s got to be a once in a decade experience hasn’t it?

The Ride.io team setup sitting next to The Box with Silverline Tools

The Ride.io team setup sitting next to The Box with Silverline Tools


Spiral Graphics have put together a custom decal kit for our Orange 324’s


Team Manager Rob pimping out Ems’ bike


Emyr Davies

Emyr Davies
From the last couple of years the Fort William BDS weekend is associated with crap weather, midges and lift closures. But this weekend the conditions were the best I’ve ever seen at Fort Bill! Sunshine, lolipops and rainbows an’ dat! I struggled with arm pump all weekend, even having a massive stack when my hand blew off the bars doing 30mph into the Silverline wallride lip! Not the best start to the weekend! And a scary thought preparing to go into a full warp speed race run! Weird thing was in my race run, no arm pump! Its like my body just did what it was told and performed like a champ! I ended up in 18th with a no mistakes, I’d like to say casual run, but I was breathing out my arse by the end, but you know what I mean – I was not on a deathwish kinda run. 18th, I was pleased enough to be in, considering the mini world cup talent that was ahead of me. Its a good stepping stone to bigger things in the world cup anyway!




Ems & Betsan

Al Bond
Was awesome to get back out racing this past weekend up at the BDS in Fort William. After a hiatus of around two years since last racing properly, it was a bit of an eye opener! I struggled to get used to the speed and my hands were horrendously bad! But I just chose to use the weekend to get some riding time in on the new Orange and enjoy the awesome sunny days we had up in Scotland. Which don’t happen often! Can’t wait for the next race!!

Al Bond

Al Bond

Thomas Davies

Thomas Davies

Thomas Davies
I came up on Wednesday so I could ride Thursday and Friday as well as normal practice. I was feeling good on the track all week and the bike was feeling mint. I had a crash on Saturday on the motorway jumps which shook me up a bit but I carried on. Got 8th in the end after having a few mistakes in my run but it has made me excited and confident for the World Cup there.



This man makes us faster. Meet the Ride.io team mechanic, Andy Lund.

This man makes us faster. Meet the Ride.io team mechanic, Andy Lund.

Fort William British Downhill Series this year was top. Good crowd, amazing location and damn fine weather. Bring on the next round at Bala and some World Cup racing!

Thanks to all our sponsors this year, you know we couldn’t do it without you!

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Photos By Bret Shelfer