End of an Era – Team Rideitout at Hopton Woods BDS

It was the last ever BDS at Hopton Woods last weekend so we wanted to make it a good finale. We caught up with Ems Davies, Louis Meade and Will Hart to find out how their ‘end of an era’ weekend panned out.

hopton woods

Emyr Davies
“ I was very exited for this race! I set myself some goals after realising my own potential in the last BDS; qualifying 3rd and putting in a 3rd split in finals before a crash stopped play. Emyr Davies was out for revenge!
Hopton first run, slight understeer, went down on a slow bit of track, one of those crashes you have often, painless like… not this one. Landed straight on the lumpiest hardest root on earth. I had the worst dead leg ever! couldn’t even walk!
Got back to the van, started to feel cold then hot, then cold. Slept for 4 hours, no more riding, had tea. Bed for another 12 hours.
Woke up the next morning feeling like absolute crap! But I had the urge, I could move so why not??
I managed to hobble back on the bike, 4 practice runs of pain. I could ride OK. Just got tired real easy.
Put in a run that I felt like I was a teenager experiencing a full run down Morzine for the first time. I could just about hold on, head was dipping, couldn’t even speak at the bottom.
Some how I managed 9th in qualifying and 13th in the race. A disappointing end to the season, but injuries happen! And the skills are there just need some luck!
The bruise was insane tho! biggest one I’ve ever had.
I’m home now in some pain! Roll on some better luck next year!
And hopefully another national series?!”

Will Hart
“Entering Hopton I was full of confidence after winning here in the Pearce a couple weeks ago. I knew me and my Orange 324 suited the course well.
Myself and Louis did 8 runs on sat! I felt good to ride so much, and by the end of the day I was on point with my lines and pace.
Qualification and I got beat, 2nd place. I knew I had 3 seconds in me, so I just went metal and put in a finals run that was 7 seconds quicker!
I won Expert and had 9th overall in the race. My best result to date!
So stoked to take 2nd overall in the BDS after doing only 3/5 rounds, turns out I won every round entered!
What a season!”

Louis Meade
“The last ever BDS we headed to Hopton. The track was fairly flat but had plenty of turns and jumps to keep you on your feet! Practice started off fairly greasy by the hard pack track didn’t seem to get too wet or muddy and it soon dried out throughout the day! I had a blast on Saturday smashing out runs with some good mates (minus Ems) and made me realise why I love racing! Sunday came and I seemed to struggle a bit at the start of the day, but by a third run I felt confident. Seeding run I crashed at the top, hitting a tree and was placed near the end of the pack for race runs. Race run I went 5 seconds quicker but not quick enough and felt like I had more to give!”

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