Continental Trail King – First Look

It's been all quiet for a couple of years from German tyre brand Continental. That's set to change with a revised range and some refreshed versions of old favourites.

CO2 Cannisters being mistaken for ‘Hippy Crack’

We'll admit this isn't a world we have much experience in but Nitrous Oxide which now has the slang term 'Hippy Crack' is being inhaled for a short high and as a result CO2 canisters used to inflate tyres are now being wrongly thought of as the same thing.

Can you make your own Foam Tyre Inserts?

Foam inserts are a pretty pricey investment, despite their usefulness. But can you make your own for a fraction of the price? Yep, you definitely can.

The Future of Pumps

Like idiots we've all been messing around trying to inflate flat tyres by hand when the solution to our biggest trail woe has been staring us in the face (m...

12 Comps of Christmas – Schwalbe

Half way through our 12 Comps already. Today with Schwalbe we have three pairs of tyres, tubes, tyre levers and a pressure gauge to give away. ENTER HERE

Vee Tire Co Crown F and Gem – First Look

Vee Tire Co have a history in rubber for some of the greats, and now they are making mountain bike tyres for themselves. We've chucked on a pair of Crown F and ...

Continental Trail King – Review

Tom's had the Continental Trail Kings on his Bronson all winter so it's time to see what he thinks of them... (more…)...
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