steve peat

#LastOrders Episode 3 – North vs South

Steve Peat and the northern monkeys venture down south to challenge Brendan fairclough and the rest of his merry men to a battle that could decide the fate of man-kind.... Well, kind of.

This Is Peaty, Last Orders – Episode Two

Ken Block is a legend of all things fourwheeled and fast. Steve Peat is just a straight-up legend, so hooking the two of them up to take part in some Downhill and a bit of off-roading.

Peaty’s Spitfire

Peaty suits up, boots up and arms himself as he gives us a military style walk through his custom Spitfire themed V10

My Steve Peat Story – A nod to the champ!

Grab a brew, pull up a chair and read Dave Lane's (Ex Southern Downhill photographer and founder of Fastland BMX Magazine) superb account of his memories of the legend that is Mr Steve Peat

Peaty’s last orders

It already seems weird to think that we won't be seeing Peaty racing at World Cups next year. He's part of the fabric of the sport. Enjoy then, his last Helmet cam run at his last World Cup in Andorra

50to01 On Any Sunday Tribute

If you haven't seen On Any Sunday then that's the first thing you need to do. Then watch this brilliant tribute to the opening sequence of the classic film from...
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