Joystick Cockpit – Review

Tom's had his bike decked out in Joystick's 8-bit Alloy bars, Builder stem and Analog saddle. Find out his thoughts on this cockpit combo.

N8tive Bars and Stem – Review

Tom's had the N8tive bars and stem out the front of his long term bike for a few months now. Check out our full review.

Renthal Bars/Stem/Grips – First Look

In the Moto world Renthal are arguably the best in the game. How do their cycling products stack up against the other big mountain bike brands? (more&helli...

On The Fly Dropper Stem

So, is dropping your stem at the flick of a switch the future? We're not sure about this one.... (more…)...

DMR Wingbar and Defy Stem – Review

Tom's had the DMR Wingbar and Defy Stem out the front of his long termer for a good long while now - is 35mm the future? (more…)...

DMR 35mm Cockpit – First Look

We check out DMR's new 35mm Wingbar handlebars and Defy stem as we put together our latest long term test bike.

ANVL Components – First Look

We've had these items from Anvl for a few weeks now and have now had chance to give them a ride out. Here are my first impressions. (more…)...
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