pump track

Pump for Peace

#pumpforpeace is a global initiative from Velosolutions, building pump tracks in underprivileged communities, focused on making cycling and action sports more accessible than ever before.

Fairclough and Friends Tear up Edinburgh

On route to the 2017 Fort William World Cup, Brendog stopped in at the newly finished Velosolutions pump track in Edinburgh. Joined by Andrew Neethling, Olly Wilkins and Duncan Ferris

Pump Track Heaven

Join Brendan Fairclough, Adrien Loron, Claudio Caluori and local kids riding the latest Velosolutions asphalt pump track (more…)...

Velosolutions – The Tour de Pump

The Velosolutions crew build some amazing pump tracks all over the globe. Time for them to come home and enjoy some of fruits of their labour. (more…)...
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