old skool cool

Old Skool Cool – Peaty at Home: Sprung 2

Bit of old skool cool action from 1998 and Sprung 2 with Steve Peat shredding at home in Sheffield with Nigel Page (still no hair). Classic segment from a classic film.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 9

The Collective was one of our favourite MTB movies back in the day. Freeride mountainbiking at its glorious best. Enjoy the whole classic movie right here

Old Skool Cool Vol. 8 – Malvern Classic

Being as the Malvern Classic is back in 2018 it sees only fitting that this weeks 'Old Skool Cool' takes us back to 1998 Classic as featured in Alex Rankins Sprung 2. Good times!

Old Skool Cool Vol. 7

Cast your minds back to 1998. Sketchy bikes, sketchy riding, sketchy filming and editing seemed to sum up most mtb videos from that time. Mud Cows 2 was no exception so sit back and enjoy the nostalgia.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 6

Sprung 1, Sprung 2, Sprung 3, Sprung 4, Sprung 5. A whole heap of Old Skool Cool

Old Skool Cool Vol. 5

We can't really have a fortnightly dose of Old Skool Cool without including all time classic 'Dirt' in the list at some point. So here it is, in all its glory

Old Skool Cool Vol. 4

As the long awaited sequel to 90's classic Trainspotting is released this weekend it seems only right that for this weeks edition of Old Skool Cool we should bring you the equally brilliant 1997 classic Chainspotting.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 3

We love the text description of this one - "A guy on his mountain bike (trials bike) jumping off of things, balancing, spinning around, etc". We'd just love to know what happened to that guy, he had some talent.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 2

Another dose of Old Skool Cool and we're going back 20 years to 1996 with Fox Racing's classic MTB Movie 'Chainsmoke'. Grab a brew and indulge in some nostalgia
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