mass start

Watch – Worst start to a crazy mass-start race ever?

You've spent all night in Hospital with your partner, you head out, no breakfast, chuck on some gear, barge through some crowds and end up in the long line with just a few seconds to spare before a crazy mass start race begins, and then finish 10th! Hats off to Brett Wheeler.

Macavalanche Mass Start Brawl for All!

Mass start carnage vids are some of our favourite vids of the year. Ben Cathro brings us his view of the start brawl at the 2017 Macavalanche

The Mountain of Hell

The Mountain of Hell mass start race really sums itself up nicely. It's ultimately about survival and making it down to the bottom in as close to one piece as possible.

Mega Mass Start Mayhem

It's an annual highlight and luckily this year Ben Deakin has come up with the goods and captured the carnage of the mass start at this years Megavalanche (m...

Mountain of Hell Carnage

Fabien Cousinie leads a pack of nut-jobs down a glacier in a mass start brawl at the 2016 Mountain of Hell. Hold on. (more…)...
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