FULL REVIEW -KNOG PWR Trail & Road Lights

When it comes to lights Knog are great at thinking outside the box, we have come to expect great things from them and these new lights are one of their latest offerings.

Core 17 – Exposure/USE

Both Exposure and USE have been busy over the past twelve months so we headed to the stands to see what's new

Gloworm X2 Adventure Lights – Review

Dark out? That doesn't mean an end to riding. Tom's been heading out with the Gloworm X2 Adventure light through rain and (moon)shine to give them a full thrashing.

LED It Out

We don't know how he spots his landings but this is a pretty stunning night riding video regardless.

CatEye Volt6000 – First Look

Don't let the dark of night stop you riding. Bolt on some lights and get out there, CatEye have really pushed the boat out with their Volt6000. This one will turn night into day.

Magic Shine MJ-902 Light Set – First Look

Lazy has just been fired over a Magic Shine MJ-902 light set. We don't like being pessimistic but it's going to be getting darker earlier pretty soon (more&h...

Gloworm X1 and XS lights – Review

The nights are dark and wild, Tom's been out shedding a little light on things with the Gloworm XS and X1 lights. (more…)...


Follow Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Nort...

Gloworm XS and X1 Lights – First Look

It's nearly dark when you leave work, but that shouldn't make you stop riding. The Gloworm XS and X1 lights have landed, we charge them up and head to the woods...
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