Leogang World Cup 2018 – The Most important Corner

Ben Cathro gives us an awesome insight into what it takes to win a World Cup when tenths of seconds make all the difference. Check out this brilliant look at one technical corner and line choice at Leogang

Leogang World Cup 18 – RAW

Can't beat a bit of World Cup raw action, particularly when it's the first runs of the weekend. finding lines and failing lines!

Watch – Wyn Masters Leogang Track Walk

Wyn Masters get's the insight on how the World Cup Elite are feeling about the changes to the Leogang course, in his own inimitable way of course.

Watch – Wyn Masters Rides Leogang Up and Down

So the new litmus test for whether a downhill track is worthy of a World Cup is whether you can comfortably ride up it on an e-bike. Wyn Masters tries riding up Leogang on his GT eVerb

Leogang Highlights

A top notch final at Leogang with some unbelievably close racing. Watch the full highlights of the finals

Tales of the Mob – Gwins Win

Gwinner. Pinner. Winner. He's back on top. Check out how Gwin put together the perfect weekend at Leogang
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