Product – absoluteBlack Silicone Grips

The aesthetic may not be to everyone's taste but there are plenty of reason why you should try switching over to Silicone grips. AbsoluteBlack show us their latest offering into the Silicone Grip market.

DMR Deathgrip – First Look

'A grip for the brave'. We won't argue with that tag line. Brendog has put the work in on these new grips from DMR. How does the Deathgrip fair for the slightly less brave?

Ergon GE1 Grips – First Look

Ergon pride themselves on keeping riders comfortable. Tom's just fitted a set of GE1 grips to his trail bike to try them out. (more…)...

Imprint Grips – Review

Mould your own grips to the perfect shape of your gripped hand? Seems like a good idea for optimum control. Hey presto...Imprint Grips. (more…)...

Lizard Skins Grips – First Look

Lizard Skins produce over 15 styles of MTB specific grips, from simple slide-on versions to lock-ons. We've been given a couple of different options to try out....

Renthal Bars/Stem/Grips – First Look

In the Moto world Renthal are arguably the best in the game. How do their cycling products stack up against the other big mountain bike brands? (more&helli...
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