Deathgrip Diaries #4 – The Highs

Riding bikes with friends, finding new terrain and coming out the other side stoked. Brendan Fairclough and gang explore the highs of all things mountain biking in Episode 4 of the Deathgrip Diaries, check it out!
DMR DeathGrip Lows

DEATHGRIP Diaries #3

Check out episode three of LifeProof Presented Deathgrip Diaries for some behind the scenes action.

Deathgrip Diaries #2

Episode 2 of Deathgrip Diaries. We really really can't wait for this movie.


Watch this then go ride your bike. This really is all the motivation you should need. If the movie is as good as the trailer then we are in for a treat.

DMR Deathgrip – First Look

'A grip for the brave'. We won't argue with that tag line. Brendog has put the work in on these new grips from DMR. How does the Deathgrip fair for the slightly less brave?

Deathgrip Movie Trailer

Well this looks good. Brendan's been a busy man this year filming his latest feature length movie with Clay Porter. Deathgrip looks like it's going to be really really good.
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