Cyclist Levels Bike Thief

Like a Randy Orton RKO this bikers take down of this loathsome bike thief came out of nowhere. The bike did get some damage in the take-down sadly but the satisfaction of taking down a thief in such a brutal move almost makes it worth it (almost!).

Thank You, Bicycle

A bit of reflection is always a good thing, so it's definitely worth reflecting on just how much the humble bicycle has and will continue to give us. (more&h...
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Shelter bike protection tape

Shelter bike protection tape is now available in the UK, check out how tough this stuff is... (more…)...
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RaceFace Returns!

¬†RaceFace looked like they were gone for good... (more…)...
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Caersws Cup Round 5

Race report from round 5 of the 2010 Caersws Cup...  + Results and gallery (more…)...
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Cycle 2008

Want to check out some new shiny bits?  We visited cycle to see what the 2009 products have to offer. (more…)...