clay porter

3 Minute Gaps – Full Movie

It's one of our absolute favourite mtb movies of all time. Clay Porters epic '3 Minute Gaps' is now available in full to watch online right here.

Deathgrip Movie Trailer

Well this looks good. Brendan's been a busy man this year filming his latest feature length movie with Clay Porter. Deathgrip looks like it's going to be really really good.

Cruz Fest Highlights

Clay Porter brings us the long awaited Cruz Fest Highlights vid and it's exactly as good as you would expect. Crank up the volume. (more…)...

Tyler McCaul – Smashing Berms

Nothing beats the sight of crushing berms at max speed...especially if the pilot is Tyler McCaul on board his new signature Deity TMAC pedals (more…)...

Cruz Fest 2015 Highlights

Clay Porter takes charge of the camera and captures all the wild action from the first FEST of 2015 in Santa Cruz. (more…)...

Gee’s GoPro Run from Four By Three

Experience the thrill of the berms and kickers for yourself through Gee's eyes and see just what it's like to blaze through Llangynog Quarry in this raw GoPro footage.