7’s Bike Check with Joe Breeden

We decided to check out Joe Breeden's Stunning Intense M16c Downhill rig and get a bit of insight into his set-up and personal custom touches.

New Pinner – 7 Questions with BTR

So the BTR boys have got an all new Pinner for good times and riding fast. We sat down with Tam and Burf to get some insight into what it's all about.

7’s – Kingud Bike Cleaner

A couple of brothers are starting a business, a Kingud business. Tom caught up with them for a ride and a chat.

7 Classic Semenuk Vids & Moments

He did it again. Brandon Semenuk smashed in another victory at Rampage 2016 with a flawless run. Do his talents know no bounds? When you look at his back catalogue it really doesn't look like it.

7’s – Adam Brayton’s Bike Check

We recently caught up with Gas to Flat to take a closer look at his Scott Gambler, check out some of his personal touches and fire him seven questions.
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