Old Skool Cool – Peaty at Home: Sprung 2

Bit of old skool cool action from 1998 and Sprung 2 with Steve Peat shredding at home in Sheffield with Nigel Page (still no hair). Classic segment from a classic film.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 7

Cast your minds back to 1998. Sketchy bikes, sketchy riding, sketchy filming and editing seemed to sum up most mtb videos from that time. Mud Cows 2 was no exception so sit back and enjoy the nostalgia.

Old Skool Cool Vol. 1

This really takes us back... to 1998 specifically. The free VHS (remember those?) that came with MBUK (remember that?) back in the 90's was this piece of classic mountain bike video goodness - Real Sick. Watch it and overload with nostalgia.

Classic Content – Nantmawr Quarry 98

Here's a throwback. It's 1998, Nantmawr Quarry and the likes of Peaty, Warner and Mosely and Page are all there for a round of the NPS. Ready for some nostalgia.

Sprung 2 – 1998 Full Film

Here we have it. Watch Sprung 2 in full! Mr Rankin has been on Youtube uploading some of the best UK MTB footage ever from 1998. And there is more to come…
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