Norway & Traktor Bike Park – Intro

I got an invite to come and ride the Norwegian National Enduro race at Traktor Bike Park. Not one to turn down a new experience, I booked my tickets and packed me bike.

This weekend the Traktor Bike Park is home to the next round of the Norwegian 80/20 national enduro series. Carl from Northern Downhill got a few invites as he knows one of the organisers. I didn’t have to think twice about that one.


Usual airport struggles when travelling with a bike. Usual check in, then bikes to the oversized baggage area. Luckily no heavy fines this time.


Lovely bright skies to greet is in Oslo, bikes arrived fine and with zero hassle. All going well.


Had to go and find the hire car in what appeared to be the airport basement. Then we got to where the hire car ‘should’ have been, it was parked somewhere else. Brief panic over.


Our host, Peter, met us in his pick up for the bike transport. That made things easier than trying to cram them all in the hire car.


Whenever you go away, wherever you go, you’ll always find some amusing food. This time, Lob Nobs crab-sticks.


This is the view from our accommodation. This is also about as dark as it got all night, people are still riding the trails, without lights at 23:00.


Peter owns the land from the lake, all the way up to the top of the hill. This gives him an amazing opportunity to do what he wants to do with the trails. It’s a great combination, he’s a rider who owns the land and organises races.


Traktor Bike Park has been around since 2008, just over an hour north of Oslo. From what I’ve seen so far, the trails are pretty immense. From fresh and loose loamy sections to some of the best rocky sections I’ve ridden. A few jumps dotted about here and there, and quite a bit of North Shore too. The trails aren’t that steep, they make the most of the hillside, with a few small climbs added in. To see more about the park (in Norwegian) please see this link –


The park has seven main trails, covering around 25 km. One main access road back to the top makes getting between all the trails very simple. Peter runs prearranged uplift days, people ring ahead to organise them, rather than organising a day and inviting people. If you ever find yourself in the area, it’s certainly worth getting in touch.


The trails here are hard work, very rocky and rough. Not like many of the ‘trail centre’ bike parks back home. These are challenging to get down fast, and rewarding because of it.


We appear to have arrived in Norway during the monsoon season. It’s rained most of the day today, making the trails rather damp. Fortunately though, it’s very rocky around here, with very little mud. The fresher trails are a little slippy but in the most part, they are all riding well.


A long day + beer + lake = above. You’ve got to wind down at the end of a long day. Up at 04:00, Manchester, flight, travelling, digging, drinking. This was after helping with some course maintenance, the day we arrived, I was behind the camera, I don’t swim too well.

Stay tuned for more information Chris’s Norway race adventure over the weekend.


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