Bike Corris – Dyfi Guiding and Holidays

If you’ve ridden in the Dyfi forest near Corris in Mid-Wales you will know just how awesome it is. Bike Corris are here to add that bit of luxury to your Welsh weekend.

I’ve been riding the Dyfi forest for the last few years, and every time I head that way I give Dave a call. Every area has one, a local so embedded in the network of trails around them that they are basically part of them, and for Dyfi, Dave is one of those guys, so I was really excited to hear that he was setting up Bike Corris, a guiding and holiday service for the Dyfi valley.


For those who don’t know, the Dyfi valley sits on the North/Mid divide of Wales close to the hard to pronounce town of Machynlleth and less than half an hour from Coed Y Brenin trail centre. Mixing a short trail centre (Climachx) with a range of old moto-enduro trails, established rights of way from a more industrial time and the handmade offerings, the riding has been made famous by both the Howies Dyfi Enduro and more recently the UKGE and other series, as well as the spectacular Red-Bull Hardline. (NB – Hardline isn’t very close to most of this riding!) It’s fair to say that the riding is superb, mixing steep with flow, tech with flat-out and everything in-between.

Bike Corris

It’s also fair to say that it can be pretty intimidating to find your way around, and it takes an experienced hand to put together the best days in the Dyfi. That’s where Dave and the newly established Bike Corris come in. Over a coffee in Andy and Adam’s in Corris(Dave’s gastro-partners in crime and makers of the best flat-white in Wales) we joked that he was offering artisan bike weekends, but that’s really what it is.

Bike Corris

From the luxury cottage accommodation to the stunning biking, the sumptuous local food and drink to the bottomless list of trails, it’s fair to say the Bike Corris have got it sewn up. They are kicking off in 2016 with a range of weekend breaks as well as bespoke options for guiding, help putting together media shoots and endless flat-whites in Adam and Andy’s!


We will bring you more details as they are released, including some more details on the accommodation and food, but watch this space for crafted bike weekends in the Dyfi in the new year.

Bike Corris


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