7’s – Kingud Bike Cleaner

Who are Kingud?
We are a family run company based in Snowdonia. Two Brothers – Joseph & Matthew are the directors and entertainment is provided by Oakley the dog.#


What made you take the leap to setting up a brand?


We were guided by our instincts, as a family (over the years owning a number of different cars, motorbikes, go karts and mountain bikes) we had the opportunity to try all sorts of products and only one had a memorable name. We felt there was room for one more but it had to be a Kingud one.

What makes Kingud special?


The formula! It’s  eco-friendly and biodegradable, but these should not be a compromise on performance. We care about the environment and we care about customers getting the real deal. The slogan says it all – Look after your ride and the environment you ride in.
Its also important to be able to use a product on all of a bikes components – brakes included, with Kingud, you can. We cleaned hundreds of bikes at the BDS events this year so we are not just saying this, we know it to be a fact.


The biodegradable aspect is really important, tell us a bit about that and how Kingud can help look after the environment.

Choosing a product free from harmful ingredients is so important for the environment, ensuring it is solvent free is also important to the users health – especially when degreasing in an enclosed space. Kingud is an extremely effective formula so you do not need to use much, it also comes in recyclable containers that use as much as 50% less plastic than other brands.


Refills are available in the form of a concentrate so fewer triggers are used. Our cleaner is biodegradable, is non toxic and not classified as hazardous under CHIP Regulations. Our Citrus degreaser contains no solvents and is made from environmentally and user friendly naturally derived ingredients (and they both smell good 🙂

What have Kingud been up to so far?

Kingud have started attending a few shows – supporting local events wherever possible and had an excellent response at this years Llangollen Bike Festival. Having sponsored a number of Borderline events through 2015 we were pleased to be appointed as official cleaning partner to the BDS for 2016 and all the events went really well – getting excellent feedback from the competitors. Kingud have also provided support to a few young riders who have been more than happy to promote the brand. Matthew visited New Zealand last year and was put in touch with Eddie Masters – Eddie’s Bergamont-Hayes Factory Team took a supply of Kingud Cleaner around Europe this year (and he wore the T-shirt) – they were well impressed.


Matthew had some good results in DH this year and Joseph is making headway with his Enduro events – both are looking forward to improving next year. Matthew’s (now famous) off at the National Champs in 2015 earned PHUNKT photography an award.


Photo courtesy of Keith Valentine

What about you two, what plans do you have for the winter?

Train, train. train. Matthew and Joseph are now both signed up with Fast way to Fitness (based in Colwyn Bay) Matthew joined a few months ago and he is already benefitting from the regime that has been tailored to his needs.


Kingud are in the process of updating the website with a new look (to be launched at the end of October) and will be launching a few competitions on Social Media – keep an eye out. A short promo video is also on the cards. In addition we are about to launch some seasonal gift packs that can be ordered online at www.kingud.co.uk

We’re looking to start supplying to more retailers as soon as we move into our new premises at the beginning of November.We supplied some product to Revo Bike Shop and they have been really impressed, they sell it and use it in the workshop.


If you could change one thing about biking what would it be?

Access Laws – so many missed adventures and opportunities!


I’ve ridden with the Snape boys a few times over the years, and some of my favourite trails are a result of their never ending enthusiasm for digging. We spent a great day checking out a few of their classic and new lines in North Wales and chatting about Kingud. Along for the ride was local style-mongers Robin and Scott, and Kingud supported racer Harry Lawley.

tjl-kingud-7s-8727 tjl-kingud-7s-8715 tjl-kingud-7s-8582

I’ve got a selection of their range, including bike cleaner, degreaser, protector and kit-fresh. Looking out the window now the rain is falling from a grey sky, so expect them to get a thorough testing in the next month or two!


Photos by Tom Laws. Stunt doggery by Oakley!

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