YT Capra – First Look

There’s been a lot of talk about the YT Capra. A climber, a descender. A true do-it-all bike. Is it really as good as it claims to be? Well, we’ve got one to find out.

Capra Quarries

The mountain goat, the YT Capra. Named after a mountain goat because of the ambitious challenge set by YT for a bike that could descend like a DH bike but still climb like an XC bike.

Headangle – 65.3 degrees

Wheelbase – 1169.2 mm (medium)

Chainstay – 430mm

Weight – 12.9kg

Price – 3999 Euros!

Capra Bars-Stem

One of the first things to mention about this bike is the level of the kit you get for your money. There aren’t many bikes on the market today around the £3K mark that offer Renthal finishing kit. Do the maths and you quickly see that this bike costs a lot less than the sum of it’s parts. While it’s hard to spec a bike to everyone’s liking and there will be some out there that will want to swap out a few parts but you can’t argue with the value.

Capra Gears

This is my first bike with a single ring up front, apart from the DH bike of course. I was still holding onto the notion that a double ring was the way forward, not any more. This SRAM x01 is very good indeed, after only having it a few weeks, I went out for a ride on my old bike to compare and the I found the double ring set up awkward and annoying. While this won’t be news to some of you, to the others out there, try it and see what you think. I’ve been converted.

Capra Inclines

They promised us a bike that would climb as well as it descended, in my experience so far I’d say they’ve certainly gone a long way to achieving it. This Pro model with 170mm of travel may seem a lot or too much for some people and I was sceptical before I tried it. I wasn’t sure how it would feel, if it would feel right for a bike that you’d also be pointing uphill. As soon as I jumped on board, all worries were gone.

Capra Waterfall

The Capra is a bike that will get you to places others wouldn’t and you’ll have a good time getting there too. I’ve not ridden a bike before that is so capable in so many different situations. Watch this space for updates coming soon.



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