Urge Enduro-matic – Review

Wearing a helmet is the one thing every rider has in common, it’s THE bit of protection that isn’t worn out of choice like elbow pads or a neck brace and choosing the right one is important for both comfort and style.

The Urge Enduro-matic is a great looking helmet, some say it has the Marmite factor but you see a lot of them around so I would say there is more love than hate. It is aimed at the ever growing ‘Enduro’ scene, hence the name and offers a great amount of protection, while still being a helmet that can be worn all day riding up and down trails. We have had a size medium on test for 8 months now and have used it in every possible condition from a Scottish winter to a dusty Alpine summer; it has been great throughout!

Urge have done well placing this helmet in there range between the All-M and the Archi-Enduro full face. The Enduro-matic has brought the protection needed from DH helmets and squeezed it into a trail helmet, there is more protection for the back of the head like a skate style lid and with Urges trade mark round vents and crash proof peak it creates a stronger shell to absorb impacts. There are two size shells available, Medium and Large, each come with two sets of internal pads so you can tailor the helmet to fit perfectly. I used a large pad in the back of the helmet and a medium in the front, it creates a snug fit that will keep tight on your head all day. Every spectrum of the rainbow is covered with loads of different colours to choose from, we had the Yellow and Black on test, it matched in perfectly with my bike and kit! This helmet also works well with goggles, it’s a popular look on the Gravity Enduro scene!

In the winter this helmet keeps your head warm compared to XC style helmets with vents everywhere. I found it quite warm in the summer but only when it was really hot, as soon as you are flowing down a trail the vents let the air in. The faster you go the better this helmet works………..

Urge have strong policies in place for there products to be ‘green’ and use environmentally friendly and recycled materials. The chin strap on the Enduro-matic is made from P.E.T recycled plastic. Melting plastic down they stretch it into lengths of fiber then weave them together like you would a fabric to create chin straps for all their helmets.

After bashing this helmet around the trails and the back of my van it has had the ultimate test last month when i had a big crash over the bars, landing on my head and shoulder. My head was fine thanks to the Enduro-matic, shoulder not so much as I ended up separating my collarbone. I wasn’t expecting to have to test this helmet to its full potential…… to test a helmet you would need to have a smash to the head and I don’t think that was intended when it was sent to me! I can safely say it is an amazing helmet that saved my bacon! I have put the Endruro-matic on the shelf with my other ‘used’ helmets as it has served its purpose, thanks Urge!

I will defiantly get another Enduro-matic, it gives you that peace of mind to ride as hard and fast as you can knowing your head is in good hands.

Urge Endruro-matic RRP £79.99

Urge are distributed by Decade Europe













Words – Oli Carter

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