Uberbike Components 1200 Lumen Light – First Look

We check out a low price, high performance light to get you out after dark.

A quick stroll through Wikipedia suggests that foul weather, long periods of darkness and a good old bit of seasonal change can lead to feeling rubbish. One of the suggested treatments is “Strong Light Treatment”. These ought to do the trick!

With high end bike lights costing vast sums of money, some folk, me included have been searching for a budget solution to get out on the trails after dark. A few far-East suppliers have been shipping to the UK, and the lights work pretty well, but 3-5 week shipping times and limited after sales support put many people off.

The head unit comes in a solidly built aluminium casing and with a choice of colourful trim.

With that in mind Uberbike are offering these lights, and at a very competitive price. In addition to that they are all set up for the UK (No adaptors needed on the charger) and ship very swiftly.

The box that arrived was neatly presented, and all the parts were easily identifiable with no fuss. Along with the light unit and battery pack you get a UK mains charger, an extension cable, a mount for vented helmets, rubber loops for attaching the light and some instructions.

Rubber loops securely attach the lights to your bars…
…or your helmet

The battery charges up in a few hours, and the manufactures quote us at getting 4 hours run-time on full power. I tested this by leaving the light running outside in the breeze and managed just a few minutes shy of 4 hours – bearing in mind that you probably won’t need to run the light on full-power for the whole route that leaves you plenty of time in the saddle. With about 45 minutes to go the button on the top of the light unit changes from glowing green to red indicating 25% battery life left. Pretty accurate and handy.

The battery will attach securely to anything you can wrap the strap round!

The light itself is machined from aluminium and contains a XM-L U2 LED as a light source. These LEDs are long lasting and are well respected on “flashlight” forums. (Yes, I looked!) The light gives an excellent flood – you could certainly get away with just using one of these for your rides. I can’t think of a use for the “light sensing” or self-dimming mode controlled by the small diode on the back of the unit – but maybe it would be useful.

There is a range of mounting options; sturdy rubber bands will attach the light unit to handlebars or the supplied mount that you can Velcro to any vented helmet without wobble. I have also discovered that the light will mount to the handle of my chainsaw rather well….

Loads of light!

The battery in its little Velcro case attaches securely to the frame, or with the extension cable can be popped into your bag.

On the first few rides I have been really impressed with the light – both the build quality and the illumination. Expect a full write up after Christmas as we burn off the turkey.

RRP 84.99


These lights won’t break the bank, or your scales with a light weight to match their pricetag!



  • The only thing that’s annoying me with all these lights is that same helmet mount. Can they not design something a bit more suitable?

  • If you unscrew the mount on the lamp, you can buy a velcro mount with a flexable rubber centre on Ebay for about 4 quid which works really well with these.

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