THE Thirty3 Full Face Lid – First Look

The guys at Silverfish have sent us over a few items from the latest THE range, Chris Lazenby gives the Thirty3 Full Face helmet an airing.

With the speeds that riders are currently riding at and the feats they are accomplishing, safety is as important as ever. THE created the world’s first DOT certified helmet designed specifically for mountain bike use.

THE Helmet2

Options –
– Size – XS/S/M/L/XL
– Colours – Silver/Blue

Included –
– Extra visor
– Protective carry case

THE Helmet1

Features –
– Lightweight fibreglass shell
– 18 vents, twin ventur-induction scoops, rear exit exhaust system
– Integrated goggle guides
– Moisture wicking/removable/washable liner
– Emergency removable cheek pads

THE Helmet4

For a helmet that comes in at under £200, the quality feels great and it comes well equipped. Many helmets just come with a cloth bag but the quality bag this comes with is very welcome, it has extra pockets for other items and is actually a useful item. I found the fit to be spot on compared to other helmets I’ve used, very comfortable with lots of padding in the right places. Helmets can be a personal feel though, so if you get the opportunity, certainly try one.

THE Helmet3

With what seems to be quite a large opening to the front, vision is really good and goggle compatibility isn’t an issue with the various different options I’ve tried on with this lid. Another good addition in this package is the inclusion of a spare peak in the box, not an essential but a nice touch.

THE Helmet5

All the lining is removable for washing and it fits back in with sturdy press-studs which is a nice feature instead of velcro. All in I’m pleased with it so far and look forward to using it more in the coming months. Watch this space.

Price – £169



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